Development of the Citizens Measure as a Practice Tool and Its Utility for Case Managers

Name of the Journal: 
American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Bellamy, C. D., Kriegel, L., Barrenger, S. L., Klimczak, M., Rakfeldt, J., Benson, V., Baker, M., Benedict, P., Williamson, B., & MacIntyre, G.
Date of Pub: 
August 2017

A measure of citizenship was developed and validated by Rowe and colleagues (O’Connell, Clayton, & Rowe, 2017). The items clustered around the 5 Rs of citizenship as defined by Rowe et al.: relationships, rights, resources, roles, and rights, and a sense of belonging. Although a measure has its utility in clinical settings, to address time constraints and other administrative burdens expressed by providers in their day-to-day practice, a citizens tool was developed as a practical way that providers can enhance dialogue between providers and clients on citizenship for clients served in mental health and criminal justice reentry settings. This article describes the development of the tool, testing of the tool’s utility with case managers, and implications for practice.